Celebrate Women – COBOLT

March 8th, 2019

The yard on the periphery of Flux’s office base SWG3, exhibits some of Glasgow’s most acclaimed street art. Earlier this month, Cobolt Collective, a team of four talented artists who share our studio space, occupied their well-deserved place in the yard with a mural that would be their debut project as a group. With the majority of mural art in Glasgow unrepresentatively carried out by men, the design ‘Celebrate Women’ accompanied by silhouettes depicting five women of different cultures, is a bold, bright embodiment of the message the artists seek to convey.

We agreed to capture the formation of this striking piece, filming the progression of the painting in the week running up to International Women’s Day ready for timely use on social media – showcasing the new collective with a punchy film of their process. Persistent rain did not halt play for the artists or for us, the weather actually facilitated some playful shots, capturing reflections in puddles and laughter amongst the artists contributes to the optimistic tone of the video. Non-profit projects permit full creative control and working with like-minded artists is always rewarding, Flux looks forward to collaborating on more progressive projects like this in the future.